reach out and touch someone

So lately I have been made keenly aware of how much I, personally, and we, as a nation, use technological advancements to increase the audience we may reach as well as those who can reach us.

As wonderful and infinite the opportunities are to “connect” with others – they have replaced the normal, daily, human to human contact. (Even with close friends and family). Why take a trip when you can upload a video clip and start a blog?

My life and writing have become a living commentary of my existence. Ever-evolving, linked in the network of the vast array of social media apps and corresponding web accounts to furnish my auto-biography – the unedited and uncensored version to the public at large. Complete with photos!

Why do I do this? To somehow offset the terrible amount of isolation I feel trapped under these device?s I have no time for human interaction outside my family. Sharing much of myself, available for most anyone to read, but not sharing in experience with another. Face time; “Getting to know you time” & “Let’s have fun in 3d time”.

Yes – I know the smart-phone allows us to stay “connected” to our personal global cyber-community wherever we go, but not when driving. When I’m out, I’m to busy doing to keep a running commentary online of what it is I’m doing.

Constantly pushing buttons, treating people like the icon they appear as on my touchscreen. Although I literally reach out and touch someone to send a message – what is the intention?

Seems like a terrible short-cut to the burden of attempting to maintain a personal (physical) relationship.

Do I have no desire, or did I just forget how to reach out?


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