Ends justify the means – only when you are committed to fighting dirty. Fighting fire with fire only makes for more burn. Mannerisms are as important as the point you are trying to get across. If you want to speak to people – approach them on their level. This does NOT mean you act the way they do, it DOES mean that a conversation is entered on their side of the field. (Not counter-intelligence per se, more of an abstract method of reverse psychology.)

I have come to encounter the methods & found something FAR LESS SINISTER than black ops counter-intel pro: some “trollz” instigate so you will click on their name or picture, then you find yourself on a “dummy” web page. It looks like Facebook, but it’s asking for your password when you are already logged in. Next thing you know you are getting loads of spam porn in your inbox or on your timeline. From what I can tell, these people are wanting attention – first & foremost. Secondly, they want to engage you into a debate so you can get others involved. Essentially it’s a classic “bait & switch”, they set a trap & see who falls in.

Another type I have noticed are the “Professional Activists” (for hire) – basically these people would like you to support them financially so they can document & distribute their produced “work” on the internet through various social networking sites. They commonly state “support my social media campaign! I’m trying to spread the word to help save America. I’m a Ustreamer, ask about me on Twitter, people know I’m not a joke.”

Protecting yourself on-line is actually easier than in 3D life. Your browser settings should alert you to when you may be entering into an unsafe area, your internal firewalls should protect your computer from outside harm, you can google [something] and instantly find out what the latest story is on the topic/person. A replicated story is easily found out via web search, none of these measures are available to us offline.

My advice: don’t allow yourself to be tricked & subsequently trapped by these methods. The simplest way to avoid this trap? Like with sex, only abstinence is 100% effective. Simply do not engage [directly] – if there is something you want to say about the subject/person – copy the link to the page & post it elsewhere [safely] & then have at it.

Remember: What we say to others is a reflection of self. If you respect yourself, you respect others. Yes, it’s maddening that SOOOO many people need to be shook awake. Even more so when you see that the people are in fierce denial of reality, or worse – just do NOT care either way. I say, if a conversation can begin with any of these people, there is STILL HOPE. Imagine they are children who just do NOT understand. They have been mis-guided, under-informed, or maybe just don’t have the capacity to think rationally.

When we stop focusing on blame & who’s at fault – we do NOT allow our emotions to take over logic & cognitive reasoning. We are all in this together (whether we like it or not) – so we better figure out a way to work together & unite against our common enemy. We need to pull focus towards – WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS!

Who’s that? It doesn’t matter as much as who’s NOT your enemy.

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