Why Evolution Is True

I won’t post these amazing pictures here as I haven’t requested permission to use them, but Phil Plait has, and you can see them over at Bad Astronomy.  There are two pictures, actually, and here’s Phil’s description. Go have a look!

I figured I was done posting Venus Transit pictures, but I should’ve realized I hadn’t heard from Thierry Legault yet. And as soon as I saw his name in my email Inbox this morning, and before I even opened it, I knew I’d have at least one more picture to show you.

And I was right. Thierry is a master astrophotographer, and he’s not one to just let an astronomical event go by without figuring out some way to make it even cooler. He traveled to northeast Australia to view the Venus transit… not just because it had a good view, but also because from there, he…

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