Awake from the Haze of Mundane Existence

We must stop blinding ourselves from the truth.  Consciousness can only be experienced when we choose to see past the smoke-screen, a brilliant techno-colored facade, distraction from peering behind the Wizard’s large velvet curtains. We are force-fed a belief system, behind the curtains, vast and ominous, it is only fear.

Fear of the unknown, of change, of not doing what’s “right” & “just”, we have become frozen by this illusionary fear. Our minds long to wander past the Yield sign, we have given away our “minds”, our ability to see the truth. We’ve become an audience to our own demise of humanity and spirituality.  Emotionless, vacant of any expression, we have become beige.

For many years we have been inundated with more choice and nicer things, but they are only possessions. We place too high a value on items that have no true worth. People communing with people, in a real and human way, is what mankind needs to take steps back toward humanity.

We need each other as much as we need the air to breathe, we must use our talents to the best of our abilities to serve the united purpose. That united, however different we may be, we have 1 very obvious commonality – we share the same planet and the purpose is to deliver it to our future generations in a condition which they can thrive and not just survive.

Each individual has a gift, working together, these gifts can create wonders – all we have to do is imagine the possibilities. The knowledge that has been handed down to us from generations past, along with the globally conscious technology of the present, will cultivate the seeds on which future generations of minds will feed upon. They may be left to struggle with the horrible effects of what we have caused.

There IS hope! Every moment you have the choice, free-will, to manifest destiny. The choices made before us, have put us in a position, today, where we have to become aware of our choices.

What will we choose to be the destiny of planet and our species future?

The power gains influence over the masses by perpetuating the imposition of religious and spiritual beliefs. This all began with the Spanish Inquisition. Undoubtedly, the combination of lies changed the values of many cultures.

The religion that was propagated is one that had lost its true purpose. We must determine our place in the present, and return to our origin, reclaiming the true transcendence on which most religion is based – resurrection.

The resurrection is symbolic of many things, but in most wide-spread Christian-based religion, it is why we worship. We are indebted to “the son of the Father” for his sacrifice of a mortal existence to save mankind from suffering. He took our pain and struggle, so we could live a more enlightened existence.

A book was written to guide believers on their journey towards enlightenment, i.e., GOD in Heaven. We are taught to believe in the concept of “faith”, believing what cannot be proven or witnessed. The reward for a lifetime of worship and following the divine guide to “salvation”, is just that – salvation. An after-life, which is eternal, that is if we are deserving, if we played our cards on Earth correctly according to St. Peter, who is said to man the gates into Heaven and eternal bliss.

So we worship, and pay monetary and spiritual attrition to an invisible “GOD”. The money we donate in the name of religion, is spent propagating the further acceptance and justification of the establishment. Do we still engage our “right” to choose our beliefs? Are we ignoring our intuition because we have consumed so much information that no longer can we trust ourselves to make the “correct” choice? What caused this spiritual haze? Why have we become subjective and not objective?

My main objection to a single, invisible “GOD”, detracts from humanity, as a whole.  This opposes my view that GOD exists within each of us. When we awaken to reality, and see ourselves in true light, we are able to identify where, what, when, how and why we must make the changes necessary. The needed change(s) will be different for each individual.

I think it is important to point out that I was raised a Roman Catholic and even attended private Catholic school for most of elementary school. While I learned the religion from school and church, I developed my spiritually from the relationships I had with my parents; mostly, my Mother.

She was born in Italy, and adopted from the Vatican orphanage – at 18 months old, she traveled to the US to be adopted by a Catholic family in Iowa. Her mother was an Italian-American, and thus the reason for the choice in religion, as well as the adoption.

At age 17, in preparing to “confirm” myself to the Catholic faith, I was a Senior in High School and was taking an advanced Literary course in World Cultures. It was at this time I began to learn of the vast religions outside of the Christianity-bubble. Most interesting, and making the most sense to me at the time, were the Eastern religions. These included: Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Hindi and others.

However, it was not until just before getting married in 2004, that I became involved in the study of Wicca and other meta-physical concepts, tools and perspectives.  It just clicked! Wicca is very misunderstood and misrepresented in the main-stream media. It’s not devil-worship, it’s not atheism, I can describe it in simple terms as a nature-based, spiritual belief system. There are many links to other structured religions, as well as the adoption of many pagan traditions.

The greatest similarity I have found is to Karma, the concept of “what goes around, comes around”, to water it down (a lot). In Wicca, it is referred to as the Rule of 3, or the 3 Times Law. Like Karma, whatever you put out into the Universe will come back to you threefold. This could mean 3 instances, or 3 times as bad in 1 instance.

Basically, be good and good will come back in multiples, and, do wrong and you will be wronged even greater. “Do unto others…..” It all seems the same to me. The major difference is the focus on the connection of nature and energy, vs. historical figures and specific events recorded in the Bible, and preached on Sunday mornings.

My realization in studying was that; if Heaven does exist – it is here on Earth. If Hell also exists, it is also here on Earth. We choose what our lives are filled with – our attitude will attract it to us and into manifestation.

It follows the Yin/Yang concept – that black & white cannot exist independently. Light & dark, Good & Evil…..these dualities in energy exist to distinguish their physical boundaries, from each other – the beginning and end. Although 1 cannot exist without the other, neither is wholly independent of the other.

Supreme co-dependence, a small amount of 1 is present in the other, and they both being the opposing energies (to each other) is symbolized by the stark contrast. In this symbol, you see an “island” of the opposition present in each side, being of precise size and position.

The greater symbol depicts the obvious 50/50 relationship that both halves are dependent on each other to make the whole, yet vastly different. This is balance, the inside & outside; the peace we find within ourselves and with our environment and everything contained in our reality of existence.

It speaks on many levels, but the underlying and ironically obvious message is harmony. Harmony only exists when opposing sides work in connection; to themselves (spiritually), as well as the other side (humanity).

I’m NOT trying to spread a message that says DON’T believe in GOD, or the Bible, or Jesus Christ….whatever faith you have chosen, it is your belief and you have every right to exercise your beliefs. That is what this country was founded upon, amidst trying to get out of paying taxes (will we ever change?), the right to practice the religion or faith of your choice. As long as it’s not Witchcraft – but that’s another topic. We have lost sight of the original intention of this “right”.

Somehow it has become acceptable to impose this on others, and force others into conformity. The infamous, “Men of Power” being the driving force behind this vision, to always sway them toward their political ideology. Something deemed unconstitutional; the Declaration of Independence, or at least I have heard it states: the importance of separation of church and state (government).

This has created the haze in our thinking of the purpose of our existence. The boiled down truth to almost all religions is of great intention; to treat others well, treat the planet well, every living thing with respect and honesty and you will be rewarded in the afterlife.

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