Sacred Tree of Life

The challenge of the existing generation is simply to survive and continue to create future generations which will utilize the knowledge of the past, the technology of the present, and the belief in tomorrow to sustain mankind and the planet during this New World Age.

The 5th and perhaps final cycle of the Sun, according to many cultures, religions and ancient civilizations, is upon us.  The Maya call it the Era of Job Ajaw.

On the Winter Solstice of 2012, our planet will be at the precise middle/center of the Milky Way Galaxy on the elliptical. (The oval-shaped orbit that the Earth travels around the Sun, through the galaxy, day by day).  Also on this day, the Milky Way Galaxy will be at the center of our Universe.

This is happening at a time predicted centuries ago, and at the end of the Mayan long count calendar, from which our current calendars are based upon.  It has been 26,000 years since the alignment occurred, and 26,000 years until it will happen again.  Like clock-work, when the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the Earth aligns in the center of the galaxy, the Sun rises to intersect with the Milky Way and the plane of the elliptic.

It is referred to as the Sacred Tree of Life, symbolic of a cross, it symbolizes “a return to a new beginning“.

The Maya, along with many other great, ancient civilizations were/are star gazers.  They kept excellent records of the “movement” of the cosmos, stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, asteroids, comets…..and probably much we don’t know about in today’s world.  Because of their diligence and methodical attention to detail, they created a precise tool to “count days”.  This allowed for the tracking of planetary movement, as well as for a greater understanding of how our galaxy functions in the Universe.

Using the advancements in technology in combination with the knowledge handed down from the past, will help us defend ourselves amidst a likely Universal cataclysm.  One where humanity survives and begins to re-construct a globally united people.

United under the vision that in true reality, it is not what we have, or the items we own, that have value.  Value and honest wealth is found in the relationships we have, and how we demonstrate our ability to respect EVERYthing.

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