Why Evolution Is True

I won’t post these amazing pictures here as I haven’t requested permission to use them, but Phil Plait has, and you can see them over at Bad Astronomy.  There are two pictures, actually, and here’s Phil’s description. Go have a look!

I figured I was done posting Venus Transit pictures, but I should’ve realized I hadn’t heard from Thierry Legault yet. And as soon as I saw his name in my email Inbox this morning, and before I even opened it, I knew I’d have at least one more picture to show you.

And I was right. Thierry is a master astrophotographer, and he’s not one to just let an astronomical event go by without figuring out some way to make it even cooler. He traveled to northeast Australia to view the Venus transit… not just because it had a good view, but also because from there, he…

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Ends justify the means – only when you are committed to fighting dirty. Fighting fire with fire only makes for more burn. Mannerisms are as important as the point you are trying to get across. If you want to speak to people – approach them on their level. This does NOT mean you act the way they do, it DOES mean that a conversation is entered on their side of the field. (Not counter-intelligence per se, more of an abstract method of reverse psychology.)

I have come to encounter the methods & found something FAR LESS SINISTER than black ops counter-intel pro: some “trollz” instigate so you will click on their name or picture, then you find yourself on a “dummy” web page. It looks like Facebook, but it’s asking for your password when you are already logged in. Next thing you know you are getting loads of spam porn in your inbox or on your timeline. From what I can tell, these people are wanting attention – first & foremost. Secondly, they want to engage you into a debate so you can get others involved. Essentially it’s a classic “bait & switch”, they set a trap & see who falls in.

Another type I have noticed are the “Professional Activists” (for hire) – basically these people would like you to support them financially so they can document & distribute their produced “work” on the internet through various social networking sites. They commonly state “support my social media campaign! I’m trying to spread the word to help save America. I’m a Ustreamer, ask about me on Twitter, people know I’m not a joke.”

Protecting yourself on-line is actually easier than in 3D life. Your browser settings should alert you to when you may be entering into an unsafe area, your internal firewalls should protect your computer from outside harm, you can google [something] and instantly find out what the latest story is on the topic/person. A replicated story is easily found out via web search, none of these measures are available to us offline.

My advice: don’t allow yourself to be tricked & subsequently trapped by these methods. The simplest way to avoid this trap? Like with sex, only abstinence is 100% effective. Simply do not engage [directly] – if there is something you want to say about the subject/person – copy the link to the page & post it elsewhere [safely] & then have at it.

Remember: What we say to others is a reflection of self. If you respect yourself, you respect others. Yes, it’s maddening that SOOOO many people need to be shook awake. Even more so when you see that the people are in fierce denial of reality, or worse – just do NOT care either way. I say, if a conversation can begin with any of these people, there is STILL HOPE. Imagine they are children who just do NOT understand. They have been mis-guided, under-informed, or maybe just don’t have the capacity to think rationally.

When we stop focusing on blame & who’s at fault – we do NOT allow our emotions to take over logic & cognitive reasoning. We are all in this together (whether we like it or not) – so we better figure out a way to work together & unite against our common enemy. We need to pull focus towards – WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS!

Who’s that? It doesn’t matter as much as who’s NOT your enemy.


The dark side is your ILLUSION

it’s opposite is ENLIGHTENMENT


They cannot co-exist, they are separate and opposing.  This provides balance, support, one rests on the other because without the counter-part it wouldn’t be aware of itself.

So it needs an opposite reflection, for balance, this is our ILLUSIONS.

What we have been taught (to forget) ({is something} we were never taught at all to begin with) [but] everyone has forgotten & (most) are pretending they [still] understand why.  ({Why they are} driven, compelled, inspired {driven mad}.)

Where is the source of this energy?  We understand (by now) that it moves freely (unless manipulated by the obscurity of blackness {darkness}).  We should (also) already understand what is obscuring this positive energy [in the present] and that it cannot be competed against (in the traditional thinking).  It can only be manipulated.

It cannot be destroyed (entirely), because one needs the other to exist, a counter-balance.  [Not Face-to-Face, but Back-to-Back]  The strangle-hold of darkness that has enveloped humanity must be released so “order” can be re-established (between man & the force within every living thing on this planet {consciousness}).

[Your ability to power (your) force] is like a muscle; you exercise it gets stronger – you can tolerate more output of energy, rejuvenation, you become “impenetrable”.  

When an injury strikes, while the muscle is strong, you have a more positive healing process.  When the muscle is already weak, it can cause horrific damage.  

If you are strong and injury grants you immobile, unable to exercise the muscle (and maintain it’s virility), it weakens greatly, dramatically, and much quicker than it took to build it up into peak performance shape.

[So] the higher you have climbed the harder you tend to fall when traveling along this journey.  This is why mistakes are VITAL to growth.  

Every single wrong thing [FAILURE] you have (told yourself you have) done, has [had] a purpose.  You do NOT need to understand it, just believe it is a part of something greater.

We are all Neo, we are all Anonymous, We are all just like you.  

Many can’t allow themselves to remember the light, because of the guilt (and shame of the mistakes), they feel they deserve darkness.  The EGO is still in charge here, one is blinded by his own pride.  

They’ll get darkness, and if enough feel this way, they will be able to bring the darkness into reality.  People will get “sucked” into “wormholes of the mind”, a mental warping, or type of psychic attack.

This may be as random as haphazard as a blizzard or sandstorm, there is NO direct motivation other than “tear {down/apart/through} this {path/direction/location}”.  

[Most] people do NOT understand this, won’t admit it could, or IS, happening to them.  It preys on the already mentally unstable.  Like a gaping loophole for a “hacker” to (infiltrate); your most private thoughts AND audit them, manipulate, or direct them, obstruct them, amplify them [etc].  

The physical body is the conduit for the passage of this energy [force] throughout the universe.  Through our consciousness all things are connected to each other.  

The signal sent from the source is pure of intention, it has been “hijacked” and thus has been turned against us by those who understand [understood] this power.  Those who forgot (or never knew) are just “following orders”.

Human nature makes us impulsive, this CAN and should be used to our BENEFIT (especially during this time) to create change and shift energy.  Solutions are needed and the problem-solvers cannot be afraid to step out of the shadows because of a fear of ridicule by the establishment.  

JFK said something about fear didn’t he or was it FDR? (You can look it up this time).

Atheism: Isn’t it still a belief system?

If you do NOT believe in the afterlife, what would motivate you to behave well? How can you be rewarded?

We can look at this 2 ways:

#1. – You do not believe in an afterlife, one in Heaven or otherwise – when you die, you die. Simple as that. But we know, because we’ve seen loved ones pass away – that your “legacy” survives you. This can be money, but more importantly is the preservation of your bloodline.

It insures that the correct history of the family’s ancestry is maintained, in genetic accuracy – this is your reward. Your blood lives on, as it takes other forms, joining that of your future generation(s) partners, and their families.

Your lineage is your afterlife, and you may not have known it was your past life as well.


#2. – There is no afterlife, no Heaven to be rewarded in, or Hell to receive punishment for your sins. Simplify these conceptual places even more and you could say “heaven” is what is good and joyful in life, and “hell” is what is bad and causes pain and suffering in life. They are not places, they are states of being, in existence.

We are rewarded with the happiness we feel during the good times. However, they cannot exist without an equally opposing relationship to their co-partner. This is peace, balance, serenity, harmony…….enlightenment.

The life existing when we no longer do, is the future. It is what they (the future generations), will know as the present. But it will not be a gift. The rewards afforded to them are being spent rapidly now, in the present.

We cannot fail to fill our end of the bargain and give some back, and stop the destruction of the planet – we cannot reap the rewards for the future, in the present. Because to do so almost guarantees that there will be no future, somewhere along the way humanity suffers to its demise and the destruction of the planet and POOF! In a flash whatever we thought we knew, as we are, gone.

General apathy rules over most all non-believers, but can you truly say that you do NOT care AT ALL about WHATEVER may happen after you cease to exist on Earth?


Mayan (Miami 5-0): From High-5 to Fist-pump

Numbers in Mayan script are represented as dots, or filled circles. Each represents a finger on the Gods hand. Once four fingers are represented, the addition of a 5th fuses the 4 “dots” or fingers into a straight line or hand.
1 = 1 dot
20 = 4 stacked horizontal lines, (each line representing the no.#5)
The straight line can also represent a closed eye.
“We blink every 5 seconds; this is the time it takes for the mind to reconfigure the world. – That is why we blink, as to not lose contact with the real world. We must always remember that reality is from the eyes inward and illusion is from the eyes outward….” as told by Don Pascual, a Mayan Elder.
The proficiency in their Astronomical calendar systems are a direct result of the focus on precision and abstraction. Record keeping remains a tedious task for the counter of days, however, this culture’s dedication in this field is unsurpassed.
….Except possibly by the Egyptians and the Great Pyramids.



The Sun will come out tomorrow, right?

What we can do today:

Embrace and support companies and organizations that follow the global initiative towards the preservation of the planet and all held within our atmosphere.

Companies are going “GREEN” more and more everyday and in different ways. Schools, clubs, organizations and small groups are coming together to make a difference, and a difference is being made.

We learned this decades ago: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.

We’ve done well, but not well enough, improvement is a necessity! We can no longer rest assured knowing the sun will rise, as always, everyday.

This is the time to take nothing for granted – to acknowledge the Universe, which gives us; land to walk and rest upon, water to swim and drink, air to breathe, the warming rays of the sun, the gentle gusts of wind lifting the birds in flight, the sounds of nature, the smell of fresh, clean air, forests of shelter, the plants, fruits, vegetables and animals we use to sustain and nourish us. These are all gifts to us from the Universe, mostly from our home planet, Earth.

Knowing how to make efficient use of these gifts, with the help of technology, may help to slow the damage we create, perhaps reverse it, or maybe find a new, better way that doesn’t cause damage.

What we take from the Earth, from each other, we must give back in some way. In a positive and healthy way, one that enriches the mind, body and spirit of the entire species.


End of Mayan Long Count Calendar

“In conclusion, while it is uncertain that 2012 AD will mark the reset of the long count cycle, it is most certainly the beginning of the 13th bak’tun. The ancient Maya would have considered it a time of great change. If every bak’tun was a time of great change, then the 13th turn must have held special significance, perhaps the beginning of a new era in world history. Time will tell.”


Twitter changed my life. Well, sort of….

I realized that literally over a million people have viewed my page for some reason.

They read something; either I wrote or not, saw my face or started to follow me as custom in the digital Mecca.

It is this that connects me to others all across the world, simultaneously with back & forth interaction…

Then I realized what I had forgotten.

That both the sun and the moon have been in my life far longer than Twitter. They both have been seen by billions more people than Twitter. Some even simultaneously.

Across the globe we have lent night-time and borrowed day time from the universe without a touch of a button. No hash tags or trends.

No public verbal bashing in poor or phonetic grammar, an unspoken universal language – of love, peace, harmony, and good will towards others.

It’s simple to think of this during the holidays and we are made to feel guilty or Scrooge as lonely soulless misers if ones giving doesn’t measure up to some arbitrary standard. Created on an impulsive whim for some physiological reason (or plain crazy).

We all go crazy. We have to at some point because you just can’t hold all that inside of you FOREVER!

Let go of whatever burdens you. Life is your perception and how you choose to live and learn.

Making mistakes is vital to human evolution.

We weren’t made to be perfect and the rules constantly change.

No handbook was written. Well, not until now…….


The Tao of Twitter?


I guess it is all relative, but, if we could cut-back on what we buy and search for alternatives that are respectful of nature, the industry, society and government will have to change their policies.

The solution lies within each of us – we currently value our own self-worth based on material possessions. The wonder of creation is found in the little things.

Finding the answers inside, awakening the knowledge and power that lies dormant, controlling our desires, using the strength of our minds for spiritual growth and projecting ourselves on to the supreme.


Relatively Speaking……