Comparison, Correlation and Coincidence

This depicts an overlay of different concepts of energy & 
flow in the human body & soul. 

7 Chakras, each with a corresponding body part & function, 
only 5 of 7 are represented.  

This coincides with the 5 Mayan World Ages, and 5 elements.  

(Each stage is representative of the creation cycle.)
Elements, Chakras & World Ages

Diagram for Creation

Chakra #1 Root/Base
Element - Earth
1). Age of the Jaguar - ruled by primal forces
Body part/function - Elimination & reproduction
Chakra #2 Sacrum

Element - Water
2). Age of Wind - hurricanes forced man to turn into monkeys to survive.
Chakra #3 Solar Plexus
Body part/function - Assimilation & digestion

Center of Love: 
split into 3 parts; A, B & C
Element - Fire

3). Age of Rain - rained lava, humans turned into birds to survive.
Chakra #4 Heart
Body part/function - Blood & circulation

Element - Air
Chakra #5 Throat
Body part/function - Speech & respiration

4). Age of Water - Torrential rains caused us to turn to fish to survive.

Element - Space
Chakra #6 - Third Eye

5). Age of Movement - Earthquakes shook the Earth, ending the existence of Dinosaurs.
Chakra #7 - Crown
Body part/function - Pineal gland, seratonin regulator


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