Shades of Gray?

Very little is black and white, what we see here is the classic dichotomy:

The Yin-Yang: a symbol of duality of 2 same but opposing influences

The Earth: Has 2 poles, the opposing polarity in the magnetic centers of our planet balance in the atmosphere due to the effect of this gravitational force.  Magnets, as well as batteries, share the same principle.  This is how energy is created as well as recycled.

In many posts I talk about the importance of balance, that 2 things only SEEM to be in opposition, actually they support each other and cannot exist without their counter-part.  They, in the bigger picture, become the 2 halves of the same circle, 6 of 1 and 1/2 dozen of the other, the Tao…of existence is that everything we can perceive comes from one source, it is our minds, our consciousness that has learned to process the information as different and separate.

I ❤ Huckabees – “It’s all the blanket.”

The Matrix Trilogy: I am currently re-watching these movies on Blu-Ray and WOW!  I cannot believe it has been sooo long, but I’m happy to have the digital audio/visual upgrade!

In much of my research these past 5 years I have recalled plots to movies that act as perfect metaphors to my understanding of the Universe and destiny.  This is probably the closest comparison there may be that is easily caught by the audience.  While it is not a direct comparison, it provides a great modern-day, high-tech jumping off point.

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