The Sun will come out tomorrow, right?

What we can do today:

Embrace and support companies and organizations that follow the global initiative towards the preservation of the planet and all held within our atmosphere.

Companies are going “GREEN” more and more everyday and in different ways. Schools, clubs, organizations and small groups are coming together to make a difference, and a difference is being made.

We learned this decades ago: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.

We’ve done well, but not well enough, improvement is a necessity! We can no longer rest assured knowing the sun will rise, as always, everyday.

This is the time to take nothing for granted – to acknowledge the Universe, which gives us; land to walk and rest upon, water to swim and drink, air to breathe, the warming rays of the sun, the gentle gusts of wind lifting the birds in flight, the sounds of nature, the smell of fresh, clean air, forests of shelter, the plants, fruits, vegetables and animals we use to sustain and nourish us. These are all gifts to us from the Universe, mostly from our home planet, Earth.

Knowing how to make efficient use of these gifts, with the help of technology, may help to slow the damage we create, perhaps reverse it, or maybe find a new, better way that doesn’t cause damage.

What we take from the Earth, from each other, we must give back in some way. In a positive and healthy way, one that enriches the mind, body and spirit of the entire species.



I guess it is all relative, but, if we could cut-back on what we buy and search for alternatives that are respectful of nature, the industry, society and government will have to change their policies.

The solution lies within each of us – we currently value our own self-worth based on material possessions. The wonder of creation is found in the little things.

Finding the answers inside, awakening the knowledge and power that lies dormant, controlling our desires, using the strength of our minds for spiritual growth and projecting ourselves on to the supreme.


Relatively Speaking……

Only PETA, truly understands animals

“Our brothers, the animals, live symbiotically with nature and we do not value them. We reduce their habitats everyday. Plants and trees can expect even less of us.”

How sad, but true is that?

Sept. 23, 2010 we entered the final phase of Kajib Ajaw – the 4th Sun, this time is called “the definition” period, which had been preceded by a period of warning called “the purification”, which began August 2001 and ended last September.

It is important to know that this is NOT the END OF THE WORLD. Apocalypse comes from the Greek origin meaning to lift the veil, or reveal what has been kept hidden. Misconceptions of this pivotal time for humanity can lead further and faster into despair and self-destruction.

This is a time of true spirituality, a renewed respect for ourselves and everything around us. In this period we must learn to use technology to our advantage without allowing it to consume us and take us out of reality.

The realization that we have an abundance of information, but no meaning or purpose will help drive the cosmic-vision of a global community, living in harmony. No longer will man cling to quasi-religions that quantify a dollar amount for salvation.

This light cannot guide us. In this view, we erase the opportunity to provide guidance for a harmonious life in the present as well as for future generations. The traditions these religions hold simply assure believers that they will find happiness after death.