Atheism: Isn’t it still a belief system?

If you do NOT believe in the afterlife, what would motivate you to behave well? How can you be rewarded?

We can look at this 2 ways:

#1. – You do not believe in an afterlife, one in Heaven or otherwise – when you die, you die. Simple as that. But we know, because we’ve seen loved ones pass away – that your “legacy” survives you. This can be money, but more importantly is the preservation of your bloodline.

It insures that the correct history of the family’s ancestry is maintained, in genetic accuracy – this is your reward. Your blood lives on, as it takes other forms, joining that of your future generation(s) partners, and their families.

Your lineage is your afterlife, and you may not have known it was your past life as well.


#2. – There is no afterlife, no Heaven to be rewarded in, or Hell to receive punishment for your sins. Simplify these conceptual places even more and you could say “heaven” is what is good and joyful in life, and “hell” is what is bad and causes pain and suffering in life. They are not places, they are states of being, in existence.

We are rewarded with the happiness we feel during the good times. However, they cannot exist without an equally opposing relationship to their co-partner. This is peace, balance, serenity, harmony…….enlightenment.

The life existing when we no longer do, is the future. It is what they (the future generations), will know as the present. But it will not be a gift. The rewards afforded to them are being spent rapidly now, in the present.

We cannot fail to fill our end of the bargain and give some back, and stop the destruction of the planet – we cannot reap the rewards for the future, in the present. Because to do so almost guarantees that there will be no future, somewhere along the way humanity suffers to its demise and the destruction of the planet and POOF! In a flash whatever we thought we knew, as we are, gone.

General apathy rules over most all non-believers, but can you truly say that you do NOT care AT ALL about WHATEVER may happen after you cease to exist on Earth?


My space?

Space is seen as a physical, territorial manifestation – in the form of a possession. Matter, an object, a material item, this is what we know as space because we were taught in Science class; that matter, has mass, and mass occupies space.

Seems logical, but are we really conceptualizing space as a 3D form? It is theorized and explained like time, space & time, 2 dimensional, because we simplify the complexities to communicate to a wide audience. Time elapses, as we are taught, but in reality both time and space expand – infinitely.

The 2 dimensions, being finite – either; black -or- white, one cannot be the other. They are perfect in contrast and easily identified. Distinct. When saying something is “black and/or white”, is to say “it boils down to 2 essential core differences, all others being equal.” There may be shades of gray, but we aren’t taking that into any consideration.

Like Taoism and other Eastern religions, or belief systems; it is this because it cannot be that, and nothing lies between the two. Unlike the Yin/Yang, representing the duality that exists in mankind, but its difference is that it also symbolizes a small part of the other exists in each half.

We, in harmony, are not 2 distinct halves, matching to form the whole. There is a piece of us/humanity in the core of the Earth, and a piece of the Earth/humanity in each of us. The Yin/Yang symbol itself more specifically, represents the masculine and feminine duality – the delicate balancing act of two polar opposite energies – both representative of the same species, the only difference being gender.

It is the Natural Order or Law. It is the dance we have counted in rhythm, elegantly swirling and twirling throughout the spiral of time, ever-expanding as does our Universe. The interactions, however small and inconsequential they seem, all play a purposed role.

Like the instruments of an orchestra, combined in synchronicity, with the proper notes, played properly, produce a beautifully integrated array of sounds into melodic harmony. Everything is balanced.

This Natural Law governs every aspect of the entire Universe (hopefully, we all know by now, that the Milky Way Galaxy is one of billions). Matter only exists in reality, and everything that exists has energy, meaning all matter existent in reality has a frequency or vibration. Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it is the ultimate recycler!

The Maya believe that another form of “space” exists, outside of the reality we know, what they term “un-configured space”. An alternate dimension where they find refuge in the planets, Paxil & Kayala. There is no Sun, communication is used, but not by words. They believe once in this dimension – if you ascend, you will feel true and unconditional love.

However, to gain entry to such a place would require a very special payment – you may have heard about them from the Adventures of Indiana Jones? The Crystal Skulls…….

Material energy allows for the domination of matter, we have become the victims to the reality we close our eyes to seeing. Mankind can longer face himself with humility and honesty. We do not look to the world surrounding us to attain any wisdom, thus we destroy our own environment. Under the delusion that we are somehow, all-powerful, we worship reason and materialism. Enslaved by our own innovations, we need to stop and remember what is truly valuable – if we cannot join together we are leading down the path toward the destruction of Mother Earth and all of humanity.