The 5th Cycle of the Sun

The Maya believe that each cycle lasts approximately every 5,200 years.  We have been living in the 4th World Age and cycle of the Sun.  We are near the end of this cycle; it is marked by periods of time known as, “the definition” and ” the purification”.  The “purification” period was a period of warning, it began in August of 2001 and lasted until September 23, 2010.  The Fall Equinox, 2010, we entered the final period of the 4th Sun cycle, “the definition”.  This period will last until the Winter Solstice of 2012 (12.21.2012).

The hope for the dawning of this World Age, is that this cycle will be one of mental and spiritual growth, of true realization – an awakening.  Very important during this time is that we, at all measures, avoid unleashing a mass-hysteria of doom and disaster.  Mankind has been deluded, and are ignorant to being manipulated by the “financial cliques” globalization has created.  The goal of these cliques is to vie for the world’s resources, goods and services.

The struggle for status and material “wealth” has left us hollow, vacant of direction, alienated, based on fear and repression and NOT conviction or conscience.  Full pockets with empty hearts, we hate our neighbors; suspicious and armed if conflict should arise – vengeance is a never-ending cycle.

This is a time for awakening the groggy spirit in each of us, drugged with the vision of an “ideal life” full of possessions and lacking in meaning or value.  The truth lives within each of us.  This is the time for the return of the wise men, the Mayan “B’alameb'”.

The modification of the current socio-economic system is past due.  We must find a way to work together, understand by using our own technology how to reconnect with Mother Earth’s energy and with the cosmic.  We have this one opportunity, the last window has opened, we need to prove that mankind can again become humble, and our kind can work together, despite the differences that may have separated us prior, we do this or we face the possible end of humanity.

Today, this “system” want what it wants – it would rather destroy so that it can continue to rule without retreat or compromise.  The power is retained, it defines the entire system and works on the side of negativity.  We must step away from this clouded vision, stop looking for some “thing” and look at what you must face, and accept your role – once and for all.

Mayans refer to this 5th Sun cycle as, Job Ajaw.  The element is Ether, and unlike the prior 4 cycles it balances the masculine and feminine energies as co-governers.  Each cycle prior has altered from one energy to the other, never have both governed at the same time.  This draws a positive picture of the beginning of this cycle on 12.21.2012.  The balance of male and female energies coincide with the underlying concept of harmonious existence.  The Maya believe that at this time, we, as humans, may ascend to this harmonious, spiritual level.  We reach enlightenment, and use the knowledge available to our conscious minds to re-establish humanity.  Not as it was, but as it should be – annihilating the imposition of the select few upon the masses, their force-fed, single-vision of consumerism; which is destroying the planet and the humanity of its inhabitants.

Although, it may not seem to be, this is actually our path to personal, individual, freedom.  The simplicity of freedom is that it is peace, the easiness of our own actions, the possibility for a better life – now.  Our existence is transitory, as an added insult, we waste this precious time avoiding ourselves to become lost in the day-to-day madness.

We all need each other; our differences create balance.  Our intolerance creates conflict and suffering.  We become muted once we shed light on a contradiction of those who have assumed the “right” to mold the future of the ENTIRE world.

A “sophisticated conspiracy”?  Have hidden alliances between major players been created without heed to anyone else’s needs, but selfishly suited to their own personal gains and agendas?

Freedom, is the awareness of self; flaws and virtues, and acceptance of ourselves as we are, without internal conflict.  Truth and simplicity become our most precious possessions.  With freedom of consciousness, we gain the ability to be free in our own mind; inside ourself.  It is then, when we find the meaning of dignity, respect, harmony and responsibility to each other and to the planet.

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