June 15, 2011 – Lunar Eclipse during the Full Moon

This is a full moon in Sagittarius, on June 15th it will also be a total lunar eclipse at 4:12pm EST.

“Eclipses open up conduits of magical and spiritual energy.  Some believe that souls enter and exit through the shadows of eclipses.  Eclipses can stir up other kinds of energies and events, some quite inconvenient.  If circumstances are pressing, one must learn to “think like a witch”.  This is a good time for changing and banishing troubling circumstances.

Aradia was the Queen of the Witches.  Her powers are to share and teach this special kind of thinking.  Witches don’t panic!! The reaction they have has magical influences that transforms circumstances through will and intent.

If you are confronting difficulties and are a solitary practitioner; under the Full Moon – take time to review the people and elements of the situation.  Pick apart the problem & look carefully at the pieces – find practical solutions and potential magical solutions.”  E. Hazel


Called the Strong Sun Moon, or the Lovers Moon, it was a stunning sight as the complete sphere was illuminated amidst the clouds in the late night sky.  But more interesting and important than the wondrous beauty is the astronomical reason this exists, as well as the astrological influence.

Supernova Explosion:

The Sagittarius Full Moon is a follow-up AND a prelude....it's the 2nd Act of the triple whammy 
eclipses. There's charged excitement along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, with the 
Total Lunar Eclipse.

The mutables (Gemini-Sagittarius) are a break-up, exploding pieces, and speed. Lighten your load. 
Let your baggage bust open, and take just the essential articles. This is a wild moment when your 
whole perspective can be turned upside down. It's a shake down.  My higher guidance shouted 
supernova this morning, about this Full Moon and eclipse. 

Friend Wiki says one type of supernova happens when "an aging massive star ceases generating 
energy....it may undergo sudden gravitational collapse into a neutron star or black hole, 
releasing gravitational potential energy that heats and expels the star's outer layers." 

The outer shell is blown apart, sending shock waves through the galaxy and birthing new stars!

Galactic Travelers:

The idea of creating a vibrant new reality takes a quantum leap this Full Moon. 
Gemini and Sadge are masters of perception, and this is the 2nd round, for a peak view, 
a flash of seeing panoramically.  Stay alert for astonishing dreams.

Mark Borax wrote that these June eclipses take us beyond duality. The lunar eclipse is 
like a super New Moon, with the darkening (sometimes red) Full Moon. With the collapse 
(ecological and economic), we say sayonara to the mindset that created this reality. 
It too is collapsing, and in some instances, only held together by force. 
The outer shell is cracking open due to the pressure-cooker situation. We are free to 
create anew, and birth new stars!

The GC is a kind of stargate, and here we go into that great infinite mystery, the 
source of creation. Now is the time to experiment with rearranging the pieces -- the 
magic of mutable signs -- and adapt to the shock of the new.

The mysterious frontier of inner space is the terrain, for exploring new ways of 
perceiving reality.  If the Gemini eclipse (June 1) shattered old right/left dualities, 
this one inspires the seeker, the philosopher (lover of wisdom), the one who sees 
life as a fantastic adventure.

Galaxy's Black Hole:

The Full Moon Sadge is at 24 degrees, mighty close to the powerful Galactic Center, 
at 26 degrees.  What is the Galactic Center? 
"It is a stunning source of energy, motivation, and aspiration," 
says Carol Wiggers of Horary.com. 

After studying the GC for 12 years, she writes, "the Galactic Center is the Sun 
of our Sun. It is the source of most of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy, 
and probably the source of most of the energy in any chart, transformed through our Sun." 
The soiree of mutable energies (Sun-Mercury in Gemini and Moon in Sadge) and points 
(N and S. Nodes) right at the GC hastens the collapse of what has ceased generating energy. 
The mind and spirit go traveling, looking at the furthest edges for something alive and new.

And you may ask yourself.....
  • What am I holding on to that’s clearly not ‘generating energy’?
  • Where are the bright spots (new stars) in this whole collapse scenario?
  • Where am I aimed? What values can be my compass no matter what happens?
  • Where do I strain myself mentally trying to figure it all out?
  • Hint: Maybe the point is not knowing, and trusting your instincts moment-to-moment.
  • Can you skip out of any groove of fear of what’s happening, and into the awe and intrigue of it?
  • What fascinations keep your mind engaged, with the joy of learning?
  • How can you share your own quest for meaning more widely?
  • By doing so, you find kindred spirits and experience the shared sense of wonder of living in this extraordinary time!
Full Moon's Influence:

What does it bring? Since full Moon's are a time of illumination, the lunar eclipse 
momentarily throws up shadows of darkness. And often it's the shadows of the "un-lived life," 
buried potential, being brought to the surface. It's a bit like the rich void of the New Moon, 
where you're in touch with a well of psychic material. It can be disorienting, as your feet are 
often leaving the ground of the known!
If you've been living in a fantasy world, you're knocked back to earth. It can be 
destabilizing and rock the foundations. You are forced to be fully present to some event. 
You may get shattering news. It takes awhile to fully understand what's happening, and to 
find your footing again. Sometimes the events of the eclipse are worked out over a long 
period, say six months.

Full Moons are times of super high energy, and surging emotion across the spectrum. 
The eclipse intensifies the sense of being overwhelmed, and events are experienced 
in vivid color. 

You'll get this hit in the house in which the eclipse is taking place. It also 
loosens the moorings of any planet it touches. You're in the rapid transformation chute, 
and clues to how it'll manifest come from the Zodiac sign of the Sun (Gemini) and 
Moon (Sagittarius) at the time. 

Eclipses liberate us from the status quo, and get things moving. It's a time to trust, 
though the outcome may be uncertain, that all things work toward progress in the end. 
Lunar Eclipse:

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow blocks out the lunar light and we are in 
the Void. This too brings events that rock our world. Or it can open hidden places
in the psyche, and alter completely how we see what's around us. 

Since the Earth energy is heightened, the lunar eclipse brings us into real-time 
to deal with what's right there.  At the same time, the Full Moon makes us all a 
little nutty and irrational. The combination can lead to impulsive acts that take 
on a life of their own. What's driven out of the shadows calls out for integration, 
and what's been dredged up takes awhile to resettle. 

If you're comfortable with change and high-speed growth, you might say, 
"bring it on."   If you like things as they are, the disorientation may be 
disturbing to you.

Eclipses come in pairs, like a one-two punch. And sometimes they come in bunches..
..there can be up to seven in a year. Since their charge comes at the Moon's nodes 
(North Node and South Node), the events they bring can seem destined to happen. 

You get the most out of this upheaval by being aware of where in your chart 
these eclipses fall.

*Source - About.com

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