The Crystal Skulls

A sort of spiritual dedication is evident by the precise quality of which the ancient civilizations devised such amazingly, technologically advanced objects – the Crystal Skulls. The technology used to create them is unknown to present day scientists, could it be that these “ancient” civilizations are actually us – in the future? Is this how we evolve/d? Or, is this a warning sent through the fabric of space and time of imminent doom, with a “care package” & instructions to save humanity?

Sounds like a movie plot? It was, Indiana Jones, our favorite rugged, professor of Archeology and treasure seeker. With an unmistakable hat, crooked smile and crack of a whip, we know this sweaty savant will take us on a wild historical journey of myth and legend. But, in the case of the Crystal Skulls, this plot was based on something very real, and of great importance to the survival of the species and the planet, Mother Earth.

This is not a doomsday prophecy, this is actually a time of “harmonic convergence” in the galaxy as we enter the final cycle of the Sun, the last (known) World Age. It has been 5,200 years since the 4th cycle began sometime in August of 3114 BCE *approximate dates. This cycle, unlike its predecessors, does not distinguish itself as either a masculine or feminine energy, it is said to be the balance of both; when the Sun God and Moon Earth Goddess unite, a time of spiritual transcendence.

That is, if we set the stage, as the Elders have passed down the knowledge to do so, to prevent a series of catastrophic events that will leave our species in despair and desolation. One of the rituals that needs to be performed is the releasing of the energy of the Crystal Skulls.

Each skull is perfectly formed, and identical in shape, size and structure. All are made from the Earth’s natural gemstones, mostly crystal quartz. They come in a variety of colors, and no 2 are alike. Scattered around the globe centuries ago; it is said that each skull contains specific historical and technical information, that, when combined with the others, will be the planet’s ultimate resource for all historical and technical knowledge ever in existence.

Each skull has different properties, a reason, focus and purpose. The design, outwardly is identical, but each skull is profoundly intruiguing, one may be merely of pure smoky quartz, another is crystal clear and each area of the brain is represented inside, as if it were a human skull with a functioning brain.

Like pieces to a puzzle, left by man to aid us in this critical time for our species and our planet; many of these Skulls have been found and studied, originally 520 skulls were said to have been made. Scattered throughout the world, and over vast periods of time, only 52 are needed near the Winter Solstice of 2012 to complete the ritual.

It was somewhat depicted in the Indiana Jones movie, however, the story behind the ritual and how it activates the skulls’ energy centers creating a “global energy network” may be easy to picture. 52 skulls, with 52 guardians, each given precise instructions; the information has been passed down for centuries in preparation for this exact time. They all come together from around the world and form a circle around a small lake somewhere in South America.

There, behind a waterfall, which flows into the lake surrounded by the skulls; one skull must enter the cave hidden behind the falling water. One guardian must take this skull to the “motherboard” and place it inside the cave. After returning from behind the water, each guardian will know the necessary steps in activating the skulls in unison.

When doing this, and only when this occurs, will we have the access to knowledge so profound that modern-man cannot even conceive of it. What we will gain is the technology that will be used to regenerate the eco-system and repair the atmosphere. Also, this will activate the 5,200 Pyramids located not only in Egypt, but across the globe.

The Pyramids also are energy centers that lie dormant until this day, when activated, their power brings protection to preservation to the human race as well as the planet. How? By creating a belt of energy that provides enough electricity to power the entire world.

It’s said that 24 Skulls are still to be found, 28 have been preserved and are in proper condition to perform the ritual. The passage of time is inevitable, we cannot stop the clock and dismiss that we are about to enter a new and different World Age. The cycle of the 5th and final Sun will begin on 12/21/2012, what happens next has much to do with US.


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