The Physics of Consciousness

Mathematics, Science, Trigonometry, Geometry, Physics, Astronomy……These highly complex circles of influence blend together to provide the much needed enormity of scientific “evidence” to the approaching reality.

From Ancient times and civilizations to the Bible, the Renaissance and modern-day technology; everything is linked together. Being almost impossible to try to break down simply, I am writing a number of articles, presentations and producing videos to provide a fundamental basis to understanding the cosmic convergence. This happening NOW and affecting ALL of us.

I decided to start at probably the most complex part, Physics, and build up from there. The amazing irony of this dichotomy between Science and Spirituality is how simple the concepts are in theory, but when in practice…end up meaning something else altogether. Largely due to the third wheel erroneously added to this duo, Religion. I have a series of Venn diagrams to aid describing my theory, these will be added as the series continues.


A Physics Lesson: Sir Isaac Newton “discovers” force, Nikola Tesla dreams for free natural energy, Albert Einstein’s earth-shattering General Theory of Relativity

A History Lesson: Ancient Babylon, the 1st known civilization & writing system, Ancient Egypt, astronomers, mathematicians, through the birth of Jesus Christ. The timeline continues through World War II and the creation of nuclear powered weapons, to Space exploration and walking on the moon.

An Anthropology Lesson: Crop circles and UFO phenomena bring us into the current century when we have witnessed massive destruction from natural weather disasters, war and terrorism, massively biased media outlets, X-files come to life, “Trust No One”.

An Economic Lesson: The boom of technology to the fall of the global economy.



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