Einstein tried to simplify the explanation

What is a theory?  Isn’t it just a simple explanation to something that is unknown?  A theory exists as the truth, unless proven otherwise.  So, most accurately, we can purport that, “as far as we have discovered,…..” other than, “we know (this) to be true”.  Isn’t this the same case for every religion in existence?  Our firmly held beliefs about creation, life and death, and everything in-between.

A moral compass, a guidepost on the trail of humanity?  I am most certain, this was the original intent.  From that point, its power became evident, and thus was turned into a tool to control people through fear.  The ultimate flaw here, other than simple censorship of true knowledge, is that, while humans may be designed to fear, we are also designed to love.

The thing about fear and love is that they have no limits.  It’s like a light switch, except it doesn’t stop the current from flowing to you when you switch it off.  It channels the opposing current, because they cannot flow at the same time.  They have only one channel with which to reach you.

Simply stated, the only way to NOT live in FEAR is to turn that FEAR into LOVE.

If only love is flowing, fear cannot get through.  This is impossible to grasp, much less try to practice.  However if you do, you will find that it works.  It will become habitual, but first you will probably have to train yourself to stop and try to look at things differently.  Here are some examples:

You fear being broke, destitute, jobless, homeless, alone, sad and hopeless.  You might think this motivates you to succeed.  In fact, you “succeed” in spite of these negative thoughts and fears.  Even if you think you enjoy life, if you are motivated by fear you cannot truly succeed.

So to flip this around; love your ability to maintain a career in a field you enjoy

Love the rewarding feeling you get from working and earning an income

Love the luxury that the income affords you and your family

Love your surroundings, and treat them with respect, take responsibility and ownership

Love the people in your life, let them know they are appreciated

Love that you experience life in ways many other people cannot or will not

Love the possibility that some day those people might be able to learn what you have

Love knowing that the most absolute event in your existence is that you will understand that you have always been alone,

and you have provided projections of yourself in different forms as companions on this journey

Love that energy cannot be created or destroyed

Love that the physical body experiences death, but the spirit or energy, does not.

Love that you have “nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

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