Ancient Math

It always boils down to the numbers, so here are some to remember – it MAY be important.

Note: The Maya created 20 calendars, divided into 4 types: Those that cover cycles of days (“B’olom Ajaw”), & years, those based on other celestial bodies (planets), and other specific calendars, like agricultural – the “Ixim Tun”.

A calendar (tropical) year is (approximately) 365 days.  What makes this approximate is about .08 seconds a year equals about 1 extra day, every 10,800 years.

The Maya divided this into:

20 months (energies), each with 13 days = 260 days*

– these energies govern human aspects, and give the equivalent “Zodiac” sign based on birth date, and energy present on that precise date in the cycle.  The 260 energies, or “Cholq’ij”, present each day may be a combination of energies, depending on the day and place in the cycles working together that determine its focus.  Each day has an element, directional position, and other influences.

The Universe is viewed as a macro-spiral, the same energy returns in a cycle.  The Maya viewed a series of cycles, some are integrated with each other, some are completely independent of each other, each have a specific purpose for existence.  The belief is that the cycles of time which produces the greatest manifestations of energy are every: 13, 20, 73, 260 & 520 years.  These are the “big” cycles, bringing powerful energy.

*same as the human gestation cycle of which the Mayan “long-count” or “Tzolkin” calendar is based upon.  This long-count calendar has been in use for 20,000+ years.

100 days – personal development

5 days – “Wayeb”, not truly “counted”; a time of spiritual quest; introspection & self-discovery.

The “Hab’tun”, is a 360-day cycle of a cosmic constant astronomical calendar.

1 tun = 360 days

This is known as a vigesimal-numeric 20-base system.  The concept of zero (0) as a value and not nothing.  This contributed to the development of the world’s most precise calendar systems for the galaxy, and even greater.  It is also revered as one of the most extraordinary achievements of human thought – abstract vision.  

The 20 Cycles of Energy:

  1. B’ate – Thread of Destiny: Fire E
  2. E – the Path: Earth W
  3. Aj – Authority, Sacred Altar: Air N – Abundance & rebirth
  4. I’x – Jaguar, Magic: Water S – Patience, astuteness & action, inner learning & higher magic
  5. Tz’ikin – Bird of Power: Fire E – Intuition, dreams & divination
  6. Aj’maq – Curiosity, Sin/Pardon: Earth W – Forgiveness, illumination & personal service
  7. No’j – Knowledge, Thought: Air N – Mental transmission, clarity
  8. Tijax – Double-edged Knife: Water S – Warrior, cutting negative energy
  9. Kawoq – Abundance, Family: Fire E – Community work & detachment
  10. Ajpu – Blowgun Hunter: Earth W – Hunter, security & certainty, passing spiritual tests
  11. Imox – the Unusual: Air N – Energy of the left hemisphere, Increasing internal powers
  12. Iq’ – Purity & Clarity: Water S – Wind, What is crystal clear
  13. Aq’ab’al – Dawn & Duality: Fire E – Opportunity through change, light & dark co-exist
  14. K’at – Nets & entanglements: Earth W – Inner clarity without interference
  15. Kan – Energy & Inner Fire: Air N – Revealing inside information & handling energy/power
  16. Kame – Clarity & Rebirth: Water S – Great Cycles, Death, resurgence of spirituality
  17. Kej – Harmony & Nature: Fire E – Deer, 4 corners, working with the 4 elements
  18. Q’anil – Germination, Realization: Earth W – Seed, Planting, the 4 colors of corn: red, black, yellow & white
  19. Toj – Atonement & Fire: Air N – Law of cause & effect, Liberation from the past
  20. Tz’i’ – Law & Authority: Water S – Eliminating authoritarianism, Drastic actions, Cultivating love.  Spiritual Law than cannot be bought or sold.

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