Numerology: 5

The Mayans believed that humanity would evolve through 5 World Ages. The fifth & final World Age is said to begin on 12/21/2012. The number 5 shows up in other cultures as well:

The Elements (Alchemy):

Water: Nadir, Winter, North

Fire: Zenith, Summer, South

Wood: Spring, East

Metal: Fall, West

Earth: Central Point, all seasons & directions

Masonic meaning of the 4 Elements:

Fire: Spirit, Order & Enthusiasm – Initiation

Water: Soul, Sensitivity & Emotion – Religion

Air: Mind, Intellectual Power – Philosophy

Earth: Body, Materialism – Physical Life

Chinese Element Theory of 5:

#1 – Water:

Taste – Salt

Human Characteristic – Serious

Sky Sign – Rain

Vegetable – Yellow Millet

Animal – Pig

Music Note – Yu

Organ – Kidneys

Color – Black

Human Body – Blood

Human Emotion – Anger

#2 – Fire:

Taste – Bitter

Human Characteristic – Methodical

Sky Sign – Yang

Vegetable – Bean

Animal – Hen

Music Note – Chu

Organ – Lungs

Color – Red

Human Body – Breath

Human Emotion – Pleasure

#3 – Wood:

Taste – Acid

Human Characteristic – Learned

Sky Sign – Hot

Vegetable – Wheat

Animal – Sheep

Music Note – Chih

Organ – Spleen

Color – Green

Human Body – Bones

Human Emotion – Joy

#4 – Metal:

Taste – Pungent

Human Characteristic – Friendly

Sky Sign – Cold

Vegetable – Oil – Seed

Animal – Dog

Music Note – Shang

Organ – Liver

Color – White

Human Body – Nails

Human Emotion – Sorrow

#5 – Earth:

Taste – Sweet

Human Characteristic – Holy

Sky Sign – Wind

Vegetable – White Millet

Animal – Ox

Music Note – Kung

Organ – Heart

Color – Yellow

Human Body – Muscles

Human Emotion – Love

“The ability to access a memory from the future” – defined as a “prophecy” – the ability of a matter to move in space & time. Prophecy & divination are inherent parts of the Mayan traditions.

Mayan, Chinese, Hopi, Navajo, Lakota & Hindu cultures all speak of repetitive cycles. A specified amount of time elapses before the constellations and stars return to their original position. As one would expect, in a cycle where conditions are the same, again & again, the astrological and energy conditions influence the planet & humans in similar ways each time.


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