Global Consciousness Fusion

We, mankind, have a new and better purpose. “Better, faster, stronger, more” & “dog-eat-dog” attitudes have turned humanity into a materialistic, shallow, and spiritually dead species.

We soil our atmosphere and poison the Earth, the planet we call home – we take for granted. We do not replenish the valuable resources we have “repurposed” for ourselves. Do we even consider this as we continue to steal?

We consume, waste and synthetically try to “re-create” something that is natural and naturally rare. This desire fuels industries, damaging the water, the atmosphere we breathe and share with plants and animals, to what end?

What about the future? What about our children, grand-children, and future generations, will they have a planet to inhabit?

And if so, what will our legacy to them be?

A damaged home? A struggle for survival?

With a tyrannical government and major media outlets using their vast array of technology to try to control the growing masses, what is our fate? Do we accept this, or manifest a new destiny?

The masses are growing, they already outnumber the governments which send men and women to fight and to die for less than 13% of the world’s oil resources. Why do we allow our addiction to luxury kill our own species?

Here’s a tip, start walking, using buses, maybe don’t be so proud of your possessions. The reduction of air pollution alone would be worth it! The effect on the economy would provide the much needed cry to end the wars, supply and demand is the most basic principle of modern economics. If we can decrease the demand, the cost of the supply will not be as great. It is essentially called “balance”, and it must be exercised in ALL aspects of life.

To decrease the dependence on foreign oil and seek alternative natural sources of energy should be where USA puts its people and money – not in killing and dying, or power and control. Nikola Tesla discovered the technology to harness radiant energy and alternating current to create an induction motor. (Marconi was credited & won the Noble prize)  He had a dream for free natural energy to power the world.

The type of energy, economy and globally united vision that will feed the Earth and not destroy it, was realized by Tesla, as well as many others before and after his span on Earth.

I see success in a network of global communities, all with one main focus: serving humanity. Michael Tellinger describes this as the almost polar opposite of capitalism – co-operativism. There is no such thing as money. I only recently became aware of this man and his passion to preserve and protect Adam’s Calendar in South Africa. (I believe it was part of the Camelot Project)

The underlying goal that I believe will lead us to true freedom, liberty & justice, is the end of capitalism, consumerism, and materialism. The end of “looking out for #1” and “trust no one”. It is the separation and division that destroys us. Just like in fundamental understanding of physics, is the nature of our existence, fusion is the combination of 2, fission is the division into 2 parts.

People must work together to bridge the gap created by our “fathers”. We do NOT contend to suit merely our own, individual, self-interest. Fusion is global harmony, everyone working together in harmony towards a united greater sense of purpose. Fission, can only be achieved with radio-activity, it releases the bond formed in the previous state of existence.

This is the end of greed. Greed being the desire to have more of any 1 thing, than any other may be allowed. This concept is so simple and beautiful, yet incredibly complex because we lack a true understanding of what it means to “have” something.

The bridge we build to mend the gap are: acceptance of others cultures, the preservation of history, science, philosophy, everything! We do NOT focus on the differences that separate us, or make us “special” and “unique” because it is a far greater tool to combine our strengths and weaknesses with others. “It’s all the blanket” (I ❤ Huckabees), we are all one in the same, only different manifestations of energy. (Like water, it can be liquid, gas (steam), or matter (ice).)

We restore our planet WHILE treating it respectfully, as we treat all things, living and non-living. We must learn to see that consciousness exists in items that we do not even realize. Any once living, or organic material has a consciousness – humans, animals and even plants.

We have honor and respect and we demonstrate those qualities at every opportunity. We infuse these qualities into our character and aspire only for greater knowledge and understanding. When we combine all our resources we will soon realize that no one of us has all the answers, but together we have the force to rise to the challenges, and ultimately overcome them.

We do not seek to reform culture, and the awareness of greed exists purely for knowledge as we become highly spiritually in tune. We cannot destroy anything in creation, we cannot blacklist or censor information. The information which we would want to censor or oppose, or ignore, is the very purpose of our existence.

We fear no enemies or threats of terror, nuclear or otherwise. We know that our greatest enemy is, has, and always will be ourselves. When we understand this, we our limitless, we engage in something more profound and seek to spread this knowledge to others.

We treat ourselves with respect, honor and dignity at all times and teach our youth and community the same values. Our body is our temple, each being you come to contact with has a purpose: to teach, to learn, to experience, to challenge and overcome. Challenge is NOT synonymous with Doubt. You challenge your fate to achieve destiny. You doubt the challenge of achieving destiny and accept your fate. Fate is the inevitable result, if you do nothing to stop it from happening.

We have but one goal:

to preserve, protect and repair the planet we inhabit, as well as all the living things that connect us.

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4 comments on “Global Consciousness Fusion

    • You are too awesome! Your personal story is very inspirational and I’m sure you have much you could share with the rest of us, I think you should blog!!! But thank you very much for the compliment!!

    • Very interesting! I so often try to not receive political agendas via the news media today, but this is an exception and amazingly ties into my entire vision. Addicted to Oil? In Debt? No one to step-up and implement any viable solutions, though many are offered?

      Thank you for reminding me not to be so selective in what news I want to learn and how I receive the message. Messages exist all around us, I think it is up to us to make the proper connections! Although, because we are human and flawed, we often “misalign” the signals transmitted and cause more harm than intended or even necessary!

      Great share! Thanks.

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